The Bizkaia general assembly approves the new Coat of Arms of Bakio

Bakio Coat of Arms

In February 2003 the Bizkaia General Assembly approved and gave official recognition to the coat of arms of Bakio.

With regards to its characteristics, it should be pointed out that it is a French style coat of arms, and very common in Basque heraldry: Set against a vert background with a stone tower, representing Santa Maria de Basigo Church in Bakio and showing an open door, there is a choppy silver and blue sea on the left, where we see a war sloop, as commonly used by English pirates in the 19th century, with triangular silver sails, battling the storm.

Evidenced by its extensive use by May 1890, and having been included in the minutes of the Juntas Municipales (Town Council Meetings), the origins of this coat of arms date back to the 19th century.

Experts in heraldry believe that the original design of the first coat of arms is a historic and heraldic jewel, for which it was decided that its characteristics would be respected.

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