The festive calendar of Bakio begins with the feast of San Jose (St. Joseph), on 19th March, the most notable parts of which are the annual presentation and patronage of the Txakoli harvest and the traditional “Grand San Jose Prize for the Dragging of Stones by Oxen of comparable weight”.
In order to welcome the numerous pilgrims coming to Bakio from Gaztelugatxe on the 24th of June, there is fanfare throughout the day as part of the feast of SAN JUAN (St. John). On the eve of this popular feast, there is a Sanjuanada bonfire held next to Zubiaurralde Bridge along with a sardinada, where grilled sardine is enjoyed by one and all.
On 26th June San Pelaio hermitage celebrates its patron saint’s day, this being a must for numerous parishioners, who are served wine and biscuits to celebrate.
As a prelude to the Main Festivities, on 15th August the Andra Mari festivities are held, commemorating the day of the parish patron. This starts with fanfare, followed by High Mass and different acts which will conclude with the Itxas-Alde exhibition of dancing and the evening dance in the district of Zubiaurralde.
The San Joan Dolozak patron saint festivities take place during the last days of August, with an intense programme of festive acts. These include fanfare and song troupes, street bands of txistularis (Basque flute players) and carnival giants, trikitrixas (accordeon players), rural sports, pilota competitions and fireworks on the beach, along with many others, concluding with Eneperi Day in the fields of Urizarreta, with the public Paella Competition.