Bakio Logo

Presentation of the logo to be used by the Town council in its dealings with the public

The new Bakio logo, which was presented during the Fair of San Jose 2003, is intended to publicise the image of the municipality and establish a form of communication between the Town Council and its citizens.

It will therefore be used to publicise the image of the municipality in all acts organised from now on. The image will be present in tourist activities, announcements, municipal documents, tenders and other endeavours related to the locality of Bakio.

Characteristics of the logo

Commisioned with the design of the logo, the firm Nëmonica, came up with a combination of two typesettings:

One contemporary and one classical Basque, in order to show in the best possible way the current identity of the Basque people, as they advance towards the future whilst maintaining and transmitting their most deep-rooted traditions.

The letter ‘O’, which is the key element of the logo, was taken from this Basque typesetting, symbolising in turn the window through which Bakio looks to the future, to progress, and the opening of new horizons.

Evoking wine as a reference point with the two important values of quality and purity, it is also features the silhouette of a grape. The logo is characterised by the oval shape of the sculpture situated on the promenade which looks out to sea, projecting the potential of the municipality: the beach, mountain, sky and sun.

This logo is easy to read, to understand and is highly versatile. Its colours, combinations and equilibrium transmit energy and optimism.

Colours Bakio Town Council