Gente en la playa

Along with tourism (tertiary sector), the primary sector, livestock and agriculture, constitute the backbone of the economy of the municipality. In terms of livestock, most notable are the dairy, poultry and meat products.

It is in agriculture, however, where we find a large variety of cultivated and horticultural products, floral products, and so on. Additionally, great effort has been invested in the recovery of traditional products which are in danger of disappearing, such as asparagus and lemons. And of course, we encounter the famous Txakoli wine. Today, Bakio produces some of the best Txakoli wines to be found in Baskland (Abio Family, Zabala Family and Gorrondona), earning it the “Bizkaiko Txakolina” Denomination of Origin.

Bakio's long tradition of tourism has led to the creation of considerable infrastructure, which the Tourist Office, open all year round, promotes and markets, thus generating numerous cultural and leisure activities. Likewise, Bakio’s Areaga beach ought to be highlighted, with its 1.2 km² of surface area, the largest in Bizkaia. Its new promenade has turned the area into a focal point for summer activities, around which numerous hotels are concentrated. The overall available range of hotels, rural tourism and restaurants has seen a progressive and definite increase of late.