The municipality currently has a covered pilota court, Zubiaurralde sports centre, a football pitch in Arestui and Bakea sports area in Urkulu.


Urkitza Public School, located in Agirre Lehendakaria Plazea 2, with infant and junior school children, is a competitive and progressive educational centre, perfectly integrated socially and culturally in the community. As of the 2003-2004 academic year the school accepts children aged 0 to 2 years, thanks to specially adapted classroom facilities.


The Kultur Etxea, municipal cultural centre facilities include a library service, Internet room, audiovisual room, complete with a giant screen suitable for courses, conferences and film projections. Also available are: a recreation room, youth room and exhibition room all broaden the scope of leisure, festive and educational services of the municipality.

The Tourist Office, with its main building next to the Town Hall, and a summer information point located in Benta Square, is a place which welcomes the numerous tourists that visit throughout the year.

The Senior Citizens Centre, Gure Etxea, close to the school in Basigoko Bide Nagusia 61, is the meeting place where our senior citizens come together and organise their excursions, celebrations and all kinds of other activities.

Bakea Kultur Etxea 01 Kultur Etxea 02 Urkitza Ikastetxea